Skin deep

It is important to feel attractive and to know that you’ve made the effort to be so. In all walks of life, the requirement to be physically appealing is growing. Why feel guilty for being the best you can be?

Protect your scalp

We know you'll want to show off in the sun, here's how to protect your scalp from it.

Fight the fever

Although the good weather brings joy it is dissipated for many by the onset of hay fever.This seasonal affliction is a burden to many millions with up to one in five of us suffering at some point in our lives. Our guide to hay fever may help you understand it better and teach you how to cope.

How we can cure your fear of baldness

Brandwood’s senior practitioners Paul Clark and Simon Lane have led the industry with pioneering techniques and continue to innovate, constantly seeking new ways to deliver the best possible service.

  @brandwoodclinic  “I went on a stag do and none of the lads could believe it”.SMP can genuinely make you look younger, ask us for m…