Simon Lane’s Story

Simon Lane’s story is one of overcoming childhood tragedy and personal adversity, experiencing the redemptive power of scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) before going on to help others in his situation. As a two year old Simon suffered horrific third degree burns to his head following an accident in the kitchen of his home. It is hard to put into words the personal sacrifice and journey through life that followed for Simon, until he underwent SMP treatment.

We believe the only way for you to understand this story is for Simon to tell you personally.

More about Simon

Simon is now a world-leading practitioner in SMP and has been responsible for producing many of the major advancements in design and techniques used in SMP today.

He has been working in the industry for over 11 years as one of the originators of SMP, conducting thousands of successful treatment sessions and heavily involved in training some of the world leading practitioners you see today.

His achievements are literally too many to mention here are just a few of their highlights to date:

Performed the world’s first live-stream treatment to demonstrate and improve best practice.

Created new hairlines – Jagged Hairline and the new exclusive to Brandwood Clinic Feathered Hairline.

Created new techniques for scar camouflage.

Developed a new correctional technique to help clients who have received bad SMP treatments – treatment exclusive to Brandwood Clinic.

Successfully treated clients from around the world including actors, models, boxers, musicians, cricketers, footballers and many from fields as diverse as MMA, speedway, rugby, bodybuilding and baseball.

  • Scalp Guru Best Technician UK 2018 – Winner Simon Lane 
  • UK Artist of the Year 2019 – Runner Up – Simon Lane
  • Outstanding Contribution to SMP 2019– Gold Winner – Simon Lane
  • UK Company of the Year 2019 WSMPA
  • UK Trainer of the Year 2019 WSMPA
  • Simon Lane, Scalp Guru UK Practitioner of the Year
  • World SMPTG Trainer of the Year
  • World SMPTG Treatment of the Year
  • Simon Lane – The Legends Award SMP EXPO 2021