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Brandwood Clinic exclusive treatments launched

Most people see Scalp Micropigmentation as a solution to a problem, that problem being one of baldness, receding or thinning hair. It is a very effective solution in these circumstances but we believe that it can do so much more.

With our specialised techniques we can use Scalp Micro Pigmentation to give your style a significant boost. You can use SMP to define the shape of your hairline and craft a brand new look. Adding these procedures to our previously announced exclusive treatments like the Feathered Hairline and 3D Scatter Technique, you’ll note that others may offer to match a price but they can never rival our ability, styles or service.

Female Thinning: Before RTS Volumiser
postpartum hair loss
The Enchancer: Before and After
The Enchancer: Before and After

The Enhancer (M)/ Ready to Style Volumiser (F)

If you have thinning hair and have become accustomed to only being able to wear it in one way to disguise the patchy areas, these density-enhancing techniques for men and women could work for you.

We have spent months working on ideal pigment placements that work within the existing follicles and add a new dimension to your hair. It genuinely looks thicker.

The Enhancer benefits men, disguising thinning areas and working with a range of hair colours and styles to improve the overall appearance.

The Ready To Style Volumiser has many benefits for women, greatly increasing the variety of ways in which you can wear your hair. No more expensive and time-consuming thickening products, shampoos, waxes or sprays. The RTS technique enhances the appearance of density meaning hair looks thicker within one treatment. Working in conjunction with your hairdresser, or one we can recommend, a totally new look can be created, one you’d never have thought possible.

Building the appearance and effect of density is a procedure that requires patience and a high level of skill. It can only be achieved by an experienced and dedicated practitioner. Luckily, at Brandwood Clinic, we have leading practitioners ready to help you.

SMP Rescue

SMP Rescue ©

Regrettably we are being continually called-upon to correct treatments that both we and the client consider to be below acceptable standards.

There are a number of ways that Scalp Micro Pigmentation can be performed incorrectly, the most common of these are poor blending and un-natural hairlines. Often, to the untrained eye, the mistakes are not immediately obvious but every client has the right to a professional treatment and a completely natural look and we have worked with a number of people to rectify treatments received elsewhere.

You’re in safe hands when you walk into Brandwood Clinic and can be assured of an honest appraisal of any work performed elsewhere, whoever performed it. We will never perform restorative work if we do not feel it is required or no improvement can be made. Our decisions will always be made with your interests at heart.

If extreme remedial work is required, we are now able to offer laser removal treatment in order for you to return to a pre-treatment state, ensuring we offer full rectification.

Standards and experience differ across the industry, from clinic to clinic and in the hands of various practitioners. We are concerned with, and dedicated to, improving the reputation and service within scalp micro pigmentation. This is the reason and justification for launching the rescue proposition. If your treatment can be improved, it will be improved here where our practitioners take the time and care to restore your look and confidence.

The Sharp Up
The Sharp Up: Bold and Defining

The Sharp Up

Specifically designed for our Black, Asian and mixed-race clients, The Sharp-up is a permanent Style/Shape-Up giving the definition you’re looking for. You can use it to define an existing look or set a template for your barber to work around. Either way you’ll be sure to look your sharpest.

The Scalp Micro Pigmentation technique works around existing hair to blend and enhance both the style and the density. SMP can build up the areas that are thinning or darken in other places – we can merge into your sideburns and your beard for the absolute sharpest Shape-up lines possible.

Leave nothing to chance, get the lines that you like and make it permanent. The Sharp-up defines who you are.

The Pioneer

The Pioneer

Male pattern balding seldom causes issues with other hair growth, many of our clients are annoyingly hirsute in areas other than their scalp. This enables them to be incredibly ‘on trend’ this year and use Scalp Micro Pigmentation to bolster the effect.

We’ve called this look ‘The Pioneer’ and we can help you to create it and be ahead of the crowd. As well as sharpening your look on top we also blend your hairline into your sideburns for a seamless effect. Look sharp instantly and long-term, we take care of the hair and leave you to grow the beard.

SMP can be employed for the hairline, to add depth to existing hair on the scalp or even to sharpen the flow from head to chin, firm-up the sideburns and blend into the beard.

This look is of the moment and one of many we are developing to show how Scalp Micro Pigmentation can be utilised to add style and be in fashion now and in future. At Brandwood Clinic we are keen to innovate and see you excel.

3D Camouflage ©

The 3D revolution continues at Brandwood Clinic. Following the highly-successful launch of the 3D Scalp Micro Pigmentation technique pioneered by Paul Clark and Simon Lane of Brandwood Clinic Birmingham, UK. The duo have extended the treatment to incorporate scar coverage as well as allowing everyone to have a more authentic looking hairline.

The procedure is proving particularly effective in completely camouflaging scars. So much so that it has proved worthy of its own protected identity. 3D Camouflage © goes one step further in concealing all types of scars – it practically makes them invisible.

Scarring is common amongst SMP customers, many of whom turned to transplants to solve their hair loss issues. Hair transplants, both old and new, harvest existing hair follicles in order to transfer them to areas where hair has ceased to grow. The harvested area is frequently left scarred and often pitted.

A raised or indented scar naturally requires a 3D solution and since Brandwood Clinic is the only place you can find 3D Scalp Micropigmentation it is the only place you’ll be able to get our patented 3D Camouflage ©. The results speak for themselves and one of our clients, Billy, is happy to speak to anyone considering the treatment he has already received.

3D Camouflage
strip scar after scalp micropigmentation
3D Camouflage