Brandwood Clinic Guarantee

The Brandwood Clinic Guarantee

We are committed to undertake all work to the best of our ability. In this we utilise the experience of our practitioners, acquired over years of performing Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatments.

We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date treatments available, delivered by the most dedicated and qualified technicians. All work carried out within our Clinic will take place within a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment. We are leaders and pioneers within this field and will always offer the most advanced procedures available.

More about our guarantee

Within your initial consultation you will be given an honest appraisal of the styles that are best suited to you and the time and cost of the treatment required to achieve the style and look described.

A patch test will accompany your first appointment at the Clinic for your personal safety and in order to validate our insurance. This test is to ensure your suitability for SMP treatment and to confirm that there are no allergy or rejection issues.

Brandwood Clinic issues a two year guarantee on all Scalp Micro Pigmentation work. This guarantee commences from the date of your final session and demonstrates the confidence and care we prescribe to our work. This is the longest guarantee available in the UK and Europe.

This guarantee is valid only for those who attend the full series of appointments as outlined in the initial consultation period. This is to ensure the integrity of our work and our general reputation.

The guarantee does not cover any extension to the area of work already completed and is invalidated should the client have further SMP work elsewhere. It covers only elements related to the work performed at Brandwood Clinic.

In cases of extreme sun damage or if the post-treatment after-care has been insufficiently carried out we will explain the procedure required to restore the SMP to its optimum state. In such instances and where the micro pigmentation has been affected by circumstances and occurrences requiring extensive repair we endeavour to do this at a preferential non-rate-card fee.

We are pro-active in enforcing the guarantee and, as part of the Brandwood family, you will be invited to re-attend the Clinic for an appraisal of the work approximately eighteen months after your final treatment. If you are unable to attend in person it is possible to take this appointment by means of video-conference using Skype or FaceTime if preferred.

All remedial work is at the discretion of the original practitioner, subject to mutual agreement between all parties.

In the unlikely event that the treatment has faded in any part we will restore the Scalp Micro Pigmentation work to its agreed ‘final treatment’ state, to the mutual satisfaction of client and practitioner.

At Brandwood Clinic your care is our primary concern, your satisfaction is our intent. We are dedicated to enhancing your confidence and changing your life.