Innovative Hair Tattoos in Cape Town

Hair tattooing, what can it do?

A hair tattoo is sometimes referred to under its more clinical name of Scalp Micropigmentation. It has been proven to be an effective and safe technique that provides an unrivalled hair loss solution in both men and women. Customers after treatment are left with the appearance of a closely shaved head, or in the case of thinning hair – a thicker hairline with a fuller appearance.

It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from scars from surgery or an accident, alopecia, male or female pattern baldness or even a skin disorder. A hair tattoo is the answer for you.

In fact, a hair tattoo is a more permanent, hassle-free and stylish alternative to other more painful or time consuming solutions such as hair transplants, concealers or hair systems. Baldness can be completely camouflaged by having a hair tattoo performed.

At Brandwood Clinic we deliver world-leading treatments, using techniques created by Paul Clark and Simon Lane who are well known in the industry for being true innovators in the field. All of our practitioners at Brandwood Clinic have trained under Paul and Simon and deliver the most natural looking results available on the market.

Hair Tattoo, the benefits to you

Brandwood Clinic’s technique closely replicates the appearance of natural, closely-shaven hair. It provides density to a thinning head of hair or the illusion of full hair coverage to someone who is completely bald.

  • Gives a youthful, full looking head of hair.
  • Recreates a natural looking hairline for any skin colour or type.
  • Disguises all forms of alopecia, balding, thinning or receding hairlines, permanently.
  • Disguises the ability to see scalp burns, scarring or birthmarks dramatically.
  • Restores confidence and helps to rebuild self-esteem.

How does it work?

A medical hair tattoo, scalp micropigmentation or SMP for short, is an advanced, non-surgical technique. Using only natural pigments, top practitioners and state of the art equipment, Brandwood Clinic delivers outstanding, natural looking results. At Brandwood Clinic, we only use natural, organically formulated inks. They are then mixed with distilled water, alcohol and soothing witch hazel to ensure the colour holds better and allows your skin to heal faster. All of our pigments have been fully tested and comply with COE ResAP (2008) 1 standards. Our pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the skin via specialist micro needles, replicating the natural appearance of hair at it’s shortest length. Brandwood Clinic’s technique is trusted as the world’s best available treatment on the market today.

Our practitioners take the time to observe and replicate a hair pattern which is unique to you because hair follicles don’t grow naturally in the same direction. We don’t just use one pigment either. Different shades of ink are specially formulated to the correct colour for you and then used to create your unique, realistic hairline.

Hair tattooing is suitable for all skin colours and types of skin regardless of ailment. Scalp micropigmentation can be undertaken at any age. Your hair tattoo will normally be completed over the duration of 3 sessions, each lasting between (on average) 3 – 4 hours. This allows for a natural build up of hair density, matched to your look. This procedure is extremely flexible; it allows you to change and freshen up your look at anytime, unlike other treatments.

Patch Test
Blending in to client’s existing hairline
Close up of SMP Treatment