James Hannah

A successful sculptor, James hails from an artistic background and studied graphic design before developing his talents in other directions.

After hearing about microdot pigmentation in 2015 he investigated the procedure further and decided to travel to the UK to work and study with the world’s most talented practitioners, Paul Clark and Simon Lane.

James spent several months under their tutelage learning and finessing the procedure, adding his own artistic eye and anatomical knowledge to the process. Paul & Simon rate him highly, reckoning that he has the potential to become ‘one of the best in the world’.

James chose to work in Scalp Micropigmentation so that he could make a difference to people’s lives. On returning to Cape Town in 2018 he partnered with Kim to open the first Brandwood Clinic outside the UK.

Studying and working alongside the world’s best practitioners and understanding their approach has given me the confidence that we are providing the very best service, procedure and product in the world.

Kim Jessop

Kim discovered Scalp Micropigmentation in 2015, having seen it demonstrated by a tattoo-artist friend who had performed it on a few of his clients.

Recognising the potential for this treatment to help others through their hair loss issues she decided to travel to the UK and study with Brandwood Clinic, widely accepted as the best in the world.

On returning to CT she was keen to explore the potential for launching a clinic with the same ethics and values.

Their tools, techniques and attitude to client care were far more advanced than clinics elsewhere. I returned with James to complete my advanced training with the aim of bringing that commitment and integrity to Cape Town. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to create a partnership with them.