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Burt’s Story

I began to lose my hair in my 30’s. I used a topical hair concealer for a while but hated it. By the time I reached 48 it’d had all gone and I’d begun to hate my appearance. I’m a sales rep who travels a lot, flights to the middle east and wherever I’m needed. I encounter a lot of people and ‘looking the part’ is important to me.

More about Burt

I first heard of scalp micro pigmentation about two years ago and started to look into it, really attempting to find out who was the best at it. Simon Lane was getting great reviews so I travelled over from Belfast to see him in Birmingham. Three sessions later I was totally transformed from baldness to a shaved look.

When I read that Simon & Paul had invented a 3D procedure I had to see it for myself. I flew over again with my wife, she’s a hairdresser by trade, and we were impressed with how it looks.

Burt After

Simon has given me a 3D appearance and an altered hairline, I now have the peaked, jagged shape. We’re totally amazed at the transition, the 3D effect gives an illusion of a day’s extra hair growth. I can’t recommend Brandwood Clinic highly enough, from the friendly staff who made my wife feel welcome to the skill and expertise of Simon. Don’t look for cheap SMP alternatives and inexperienced practitioners, go to Brandwood Clinic.

Burt: Before and After 3D Scatter

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