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Michelle’s Story

My name is Michelle and I’m 45 years young…

Being an Alopecia sufferer for approx. 6 years now is a weight you kind of carry on your back.  So, when I first discovered Simon, my friend of over 20 years, had started doing the micro pigmentation it really opened my eyes to what was actually available to me.  This is something I had never heard of before, so I followed his and Paul’s progress with great interest.

Over the last 12 months the density of my hair on the left side was becoming a worry to the point where I had once again began spraying my scalp to cover my embarrassment.  I’ve always been an outgoing person, and have never let alopecia hold me back, but I was starting to worry about my thinning patches.

More about Michelle

After looking at so many of the fantastic result photos Simon and Paul have been uploading I knew this was the right thing for me.   I’m so pleased with the incredible results, haven’t got to worry about the simple thing like the wind blowing, or which side I stand for a photo with friends… It looks so natural you wouldn’t even know I have missing patches…..

Thank you lads I can now get on with being awesome…..