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scarring alopecia pre and post SMP

Rajdeep’s Story

I have had scarring alopecia (Cicatricial Alopecia) for over 10 years, it started off with just a small patch behind the ear. It was very itchy and I had to keep scratching it but the patch would get bigger. Then more and more patches came and left me looking very strange as the hair fell out in random sized patches all over my head.

Scarring alopecia and SMP

For many years I have hidden under a hat without any confidence and in constant panic that someone would rip my hat off exposing the alopecia. The thing with alopecia is that you look like a victim and un-well. People who did see it felt sorry for me.

Now I have taken control and it looks like it’s my choice that I shaved my head. I can go out and show off my new style with all the confidence in the world. I no longer need worry about the patches and looking like a victim.

“They can’t tell what’s real hair and what’s SMP”

Friends keep telling me how much better I look without the hats. I’m in a place now in my own head where I’m telling close friends that I’ve had the treatment done. They can’t believe how realistic the results look. they are so close to my head and still they can’t tell what’s real hair and what’s SMP.

I’m so happy that I have my life back again and can start afresh, thank you Brandwood Clinic for the life changing treatment.

Cicatricial Alopecia
Cicatricial Alopecia before
Scarring alopecia after SMP
Cicatricial Alopecia after
Cicatricial Alopecia before SMP
Scarring alopecia before
Cicatricial Alopecia after SMP
Scarring Alopecia after SMP
Cicatricial Alopecia before and after SMP
Before & After