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    We’re multi-award winning

    The extensive range of learning modules include

    Room setup, hygiene and clean-down

    Equipment and scalp pigment fundamentals

    Anatomy and

    Health and safety

    Planning a procedure over multiple sessions

    The consultation

    The critical depth

    How to create two amazing hairlines and side profiles

    Creation of density and dot spacing

    Blending with
    existing hair


    Taking great photos to showcase your work

    The leading SMP training course available

    We were inspired to take our training to a higher level by Health Education England’s report on standards in cosmetic practices and the increased requirements demanded of practitioners and trainers. As licensing authorities and insurers are rightfully demanding evidence of qualifications and ability Brandwood Clinic have stepped up to meet that need.

    The revised structure of our all-encompassing training course puts you in a position to gain higher level knowledge and qualifications.

    As part of this you can add further modules at a later date which enable you to qualify at Level 4 Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures, the highest qualification level available in the UK for SMP.

    Ahead of the course you will receive a manual featuring all the theoretical elements you need to learn in order to understand SMP. A test will take place during your time in clinic, the marks from which help to ascertain your qualification level.

    The practical elements are delivered to a maximum of six trainees. Over the duration of the course you will be equipped with the skills you need to produce high quality, consistent results with a high level of confidence and understanding of the process.

    Each day, 10am until 6pm, is broken into clearly defined modules, each with specific learning objectives and desired outcomes. Your progress is assessed regularly throughout.

    The final day includes supervised work on a model you will have sourced and provided, giving you crucial hands-on experience with a real client.