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Hi guys, I just wanted to reply to this quote regarding the horrendous treatment he experienced and the poor customer service associated with HIS hair clinic. I initially had treatment there under the guidance of Simon and Paul which was fantastic, but as soon as these boys left and I was expected to see someone I didn’t know or who was qualified enough to carry on my treatment, I started to ask questions about the validity and credentials of this newby and HIS’s customer first policy they shit me out of their forum and told me my business wasn’t wanted.
I was disgusted that after spending a lot of money and faith in them I was discarded because I wanted to continue my treatment with Simon and Paul. I had no explanation why the boys had left only that they left under a cloud, which I new was not the case. I thought the way I was treated was a disgrace and being barred from their forum was an insult and showed “ignorance”.
I made special relationships with Paul and particularly Simon during my treatments and put a lot of faith in their expertise.
Thank God the boys followed their ideals and dreams and opened up their own world class treatment. Their new techniques are revolutionary and has given me more confidence and self esteem than I could ever imagine. They have shown what is possible with God given ability and desire to be the best in their field and put the ” customer first” always.
Brandwood clinic is a million miles away from what HIS hair clinic was in so many ways. The only analogy is comparing a Rolls Royce to a reliant robin.
Thank you boys and good luck for the future. Steve Walters
Satisfied Customer