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Buzz cut
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What an amazing story to read and what an absolute disgrace that other company are ! Your before SMP photo in the case study is truly awful with the hairline dark and dense like it has been painted on . How can they get away with such bad work and work practices to match ? . This is a perfect example of why no one should not let these amateurs work on your head , they lie about the experience their practitioners have and talent they clearly do not have . Simon & Paul have the experience and the talent and its not the first time they have had to rescue botched up SMP treatments by other company’s . Paul has done a brilliant job to turn that into a natural looking shaved head and give you a natural hairline . Congrats on having the courage to write such a strong article and I am so pleased you finally have the SMP treatment you wanted … Oh and congrats for leaving that other place with your morales and dignity in place .
( Watson the horizon… Lol )