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Hey weetabixhead I had my first session about 3 or 4 weeks ago and my second and final treatment Saturday just gone..
Everything went as expected and met my expectations.
Paul Clark did both and he did a great job he’s a good practitioner/stylist..
It was a rectification job really as my original treatment has faded sumwhat with a too straight hair line and he’s fixed all that.
Total time in the evil smp needle chair was I think ,two 2 hour sesssions approximately..
Lots of photos were took in the studio and he asked me if he could put me on the website,I agreed so I might be able to link you to my pics sometime in the future..
Let’s talk service review..
I first emailed brandwood about six weeks ago I think from my iPhone as you do..I had previously emailed my previous provider three times earlier this year but sadley never got a reply..brandwood replied to the 1 email I sent them the same day..
From there I was hooked up with a consultation and from there booked in for my treatments..I was send email appointment reminders and other useful information from brandwood..

The smp session..

Paul Clark new exactly what had to be done,he works quick and precisely and spends time breaking hairline..he knows exactly what he’s doing.

I got after care sheet to tell me post session instructions..
I got payments recipes,which I never got from my previous smp hairdresser 5 years ago..

The receptionist was very good,she looks like a bloody film star,and did a great job..

I was told to report back to clinic in the new year after full settlement for a final look over (no charge) which was nice..

The price was surprisingly cheap.
I’m happy to have brandwood as my hairdresser for life if they maintain these standards..

There are a lot of fucking cowboy smp providers in this world avoid them at all costs..