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Hi Remingtonchap , your name just like Robbie is quite a regular and familiar one on another hair forum , I always read your posts and your advice to other forum members and thank you for helping many clients like me in making the step to have scalp micropigmentation . I see you are still contemplating what to do next for your treatment and where to have it done as you have posted about Treatments , ink and 3D on that other forum again , if I may I would like to offer my advice to you on my experience at having 3D scalp micropigmentation at Brandwood . I had my sessions in October when Simon & Paul thankfully came back into the industry and it looks fantastic, that is the opinion of not only me but the people who now think I have stopped wet shaving my hair and now use a clipper as it gives the apperance of a an extra day or two growth . This is the next step in SMP and as you have already said , Simon and Paul are the best practitioners in this industry !
Read some of the posts on this forum , guys on here like Gunner , Klein, kelser and Steve Walters they are all ex his clients who have had 3D SMP at Brandwood and give glowing praise to the guys and staff . And then you have Robbie .. The King of the his forum , treated by Simon his post has something like 95,000 views and here he is now endorsing Brandwood . Like you i needed to know about the pigment at Brandwood and Paul showed me the components list immediately , can you say you have ever had that at the other clinic ? the free patch test which is not done anywhere else proved to me immediately that their dots are smaller than their previous employees . Also The treatment rooms are fantastic and on another level . Also Simon has had 3D SMP his pics are on the website under 3D scatter. My last advice to you and anyone else considering their options is simply this .. Go to Brandwood for a free consultation & patch test , that’s what I did ,and you live closer than me , all the staff are friendly with no pressure on you to sign up , they will answer all questions and show you components list , certificates etc and the most important thing is you know who your practitioner will be either Paul or Simon , not some new practitioner you have never heard of muttering they have 5 years experience ! so for me it was “no brainier” . I now have 3D SMP with a natural hairline delivered by the best team in scalp micropigmentation . Good luck Remingtonchap hope you get what you are looking for .