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Damn good question
weetabixhead I’ll try answer it for you..
There’s several factors that came into play,
1..location..I’m in Birmingham brandwood is 6 miles from me and his hair are 9 miles away..
2.originally when I recieved my treatment 5 and a half years ago at the other place I was 90% happy but I did recieve a very very straight hairline,and on reflection for a 40 something caucasian male that was a mistake..
3.if I went to his hair for this treatment touchup review I have no idea who would be treating me,but with brandwood and there social media stuff and there YouTube vids I can see videos of Simon and Paul chatting and get a feel for them..I know there very very experienced and specialise in natural treatments..
I can sit in my armchair and see there facebook pics there instragram,there twitter regularly updated with there latest work and the great hairlines etc,I’ve been stalking there social media like a serial killer for the past 6 weeks,watching,waiting..
Rumour has it that Simon lane and Paul Clark are the Brazilian strikers of smp..
So I went with them I’m just a punter making a logical decision..
I haven’t had my touch up yet but it’s imminent and I’ll see how it goes…
Hopefully I’ll be happy,I wanna be
ecstatic with joy at this smp review..
If it goes wrong I’ll slate em cos I’m a shit stirring little bastard..