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The ink used at Brandwood is vegan, it is superior. The competitor you mention state theirs is plant based but ask to see the list of ingredients for yourself and see if they are willing to disclose what it is made up from.
Brandwood will openly show anyone their component list because of their honesty and transparency.

Along with better ink, Brandwood use superior quality needles, the dots are smaller and more realistic.

Regarding not having your previous notes, that’s not problem at all in my opinion. When you first went to HIS for your first treatment someone had to make the judgement call on what shade was to be used. You’ve already said these boys are top strikers in the Premiership. Place your trust in them.

I had my treatment at the other place too but will be going to Brandwood and sticking with a trusted team rather than returning and entrusting my scalp to a practitioner that I’ve never heard of.

As you are so close then I’d make an appointment for a free consultation and see what sort of vibe you get from the place.

Whatever you decide, best of luck