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I had my third treatment on 12/02/16. This was just over three weeks since the second treatment. Between the second and third treatment I had felt that the pigment in the scarring had not held very well, however Paul reassured me that that it and that we had to go for a darker pigment. As I go through the SMP process I am beginning to understand it more and more. Paul explained that they start off with a lighter shade and then gradually increase the density. If you have read other forums you will see that this is what others have said, so don’t panic if you feel the pigment is initially too light. The Brandwood team know what they are doing.

On the third treatment Paul used a darker pigment and did the 3D scatter. Well what can I say it really does look like a days growth and is very natural looking. Paul commented that my skin was in a good condition. Between the second and third treatment I moisturised a lot, this really is very important. I used olive oil which i got from Boots and left this on when I was at home. Post shave and when I go out to work I use the nivea men’s alcohol free sensitive moisturiser.

After the third session I left it for 9 days before using the Remington foil shaver. In the 9 days I had felt that the scarring was still showing, however this became almost invisible once I had shaved. So those with scars do not panic, remember that the hair around the scar will grow and in my case it’s very dark and in the scar it does not grow so it will look ligher. I would say that slightly more work is still required in the scar but I’m confident that after my 4th session it will be perfect.

SMP has really boosted my confidence and highly recommend it. If your in any doubt I am more that happy to meet for a coffee or have a chat on the phone. I live in West London and work in central London. Brandwood clinic have my phone number. I want to help others and the Brandwood clinic as they have done a great deal for me.

Hope my post helps, and again thank you to all at the Brandwood clinic.