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Hello Paul and Simon great that you back carrying on the wonderful work :) !!!

Welcome to everyone on here, and anyone thinking of having SMP read my story…

I am 48 years old,I had my treatment complete about 18 months ago,i done a lot of research over about 6 months before i had it carried out, so that i got the best result possible from the best practitioners possible.I had three treatments with Paul Clark and we discussed what i wanted as an end result,shape,density and shade ect.

This is one of the best things i ever have done and wish i had it done earlier,i was nervous about a lot of things before i had it done and asked loads of questions ,but 18 months on i look back and am so glad i went through with it .It has made me a lot more confident mentally and it looks really good…Great to have a hairline again :)

I will be popping up to see the Guys at the new clinic in the next few weeks to say hello.
These guys are the best out there trust me,i made sure i saw their work in the flesh indoors and outdoor close up on a few people before i committed, and the result is only as good as who does it for you,plus take their advise on what they think is best for you ,and on the after care!!

Good luck to all, i know its a big jump for some but hope my words have helped…