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I had smp treatment two years ago, with Paul as my practitioner, with Simon popping in every now and again to discuss the treatment with me.
I’d lost my hair two years prior, and opted for the hair system route, this has become a nightmare for me to maintain, and although it looked great at times, it would look unnatural more than I’d like. It became a big deal to style and I would still go to work with my hat on to avoid detection.
When meeting Paul and Simon, they immediately made me and my wife feel welcome , I explained my situation, and I showed Paul and Simon pictures of how I looked with my hair system on, the lads commented how good it looked, this immediately stuck me as honest, there are so many Cowboys out there that give lip service in order to gain a sale, this honesty continued throughout my treatment, with Paul honestly advising me if I were to request something that he thought may be unnatural, again, this is so important, these lads really care about what they do, they want you to end up with the most natural result possible, because they really care about your final look, and of course their reputation too .its no disservice to say these guys are the best practitioners in the world and smp original innovators.I did about a years research into smp and all its practitioners, and it was clear within a week of researching the photos and forum posts that Paul and Simon are the best without a doubt. My life was never the same again. I could look for jobs where I didn’t have to wear a hat, and when I looked in The mirror, I felt handsome again. If anyone was looking to get this treatment done, I recommend not going anywhere else other than Brandwood. I will be going in for my 3D scatter very soon.
Thank You lads, the moment I had this done, my life changed so much for the better.
You are a great pair of genuine lads and I’m so grateful to have your treatment.