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Well i had the session with Paul… thank god. I actually feel a bit bad now because i was so nervous having it done and i don’t feel like i showed my appriciation properly at the end. My nerves have been shot to shit this week.

So… he drew on a new lower hairline, showed me how it would be broken up and we used a shade lighter than my HIS treatment to play it as safe as we could. Paul was constantly reasurring me throughout the treatment allowing me to see how it was progressing. He lowered my hairline by (i’d say) around 7mm, changed it too a more ‘V’ shape to suit my face and broke up the bits at the side of my face. He also did some blending around the whole head where is was not properly done.

Obviously the treatment is still red but i can hand on heart say that going to this clinic to get it sorted was the best move i could have made. Its been about 4 or so hours since the treatment and already i can feel a sense of relief and confidence coming back into my body. My hands and legs have stopped shaking and i don’t feel sick to the stomach.

My experiance with the clinic has so far been 5 star! Not only has the treatment started to sort me out but the customer service and reassurance has been second to none. If only i had found them before i made my previous booking.
I have another session next week :)