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Hey all.
Really sorry it’s been a while since I posted. In all honesty after the whole ordeal of everything it was nice to get away from having to think about it anymore.

To cut a fairly long story short, I’ve had my 2 ‘rectification’ sessions with Paul, it’s all settled down, healed and faded and I could not have asked for a better result. I’m really happy with how it looks now and I’m going about my life like nothing is different.

I have not had one person comment on my head apart from the people that know I’ve had it done and the people that do know can’t believe how good it looks. Other people I see or work with everyday have not said a word.
A friend of mine blurted it out to a group of lads in the pub and they were amazed, even touching it and saying how good it looked… And they are proper lad lads!

I just want to say again how grateful I am to Paul and the team for sorting me out!
….Guess what? – for the first time someone called me a skin head (not bald). Ha ha

I’ll get a couple of photos up in a bit.