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The one thing you defiantly don’t have there my friend is a soft and natural hairline , that is defined and super dense ! Wow I’d hate to have seen it if you had asked for defined or sharp . … Now that’s the bad news , but you knew that already . The GOOD news is you really have nothing to worry about now you are in the expert hands of Brandwood clinic , the guys will have that super natural and soft with the jagged or feathered hairline they invented . You are less than 24 hours away from freedom and getting back on with your singing and living your life happily .
Dude are you complaining to the his about there treatment as they have put you through a lot of stress and botched up your head which I’m guessing you have paid a lot of dough for , once again more negative stories surface about them and you had your treatment at Harley st , isn’t that supposed to be where the best practice their craft . Do you know how long the lady has been doing treatments?
I don’t wanna end this on a sour note as your probably nervous as hell , Best of luck for tomorrow your with the best practitioners in this industry they will see you right . Please keep us updated with photos .