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To be honest I haven’t as yet made the switch mate. As per my very first post I’m actually taking off the system so that Paul can do each treatment and then putting the system back on. My system is only attached with tape. As it stands the back & sides of my hair are still unshaven. I’m trying to get the treatment as close to be being fully settled before I take the system off for good and shave it right down. What I will say though is that my wife & the girl who does my system maintenance each month (who are the only people to have seen it other than me and Paul) both agree the smp work is flawless and totally realistic so full credit to Paul thus far … Having seen the work so far myself I’m certainly dreading the shave down and system removal less than I was before the process began. I’m due in for 3rd session Thursday week so should look even better in due course. Will post after session 3.