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I’ve been waiting for today to come around since Christmas. Finally I got to visit the new Brandwood Clinic.

I set off from Wiltshire at 08.00am and drove slowly and found the clinic easily by 10.30 (113 mile trip). I wasn’t due until 11.00 so took a drive to look at my old school which I painfully realised that I left 30 years ago this Summer! :(

A few minutes prior to my appointment I pressed the buzzer to be allowed inside the secure opening and up the stairs to the large, open plan Reception/Waiting area. I was greeting by a smiling face and offered a very welcomed cup of coffee.

Bang on time, 11.00am, Simon appeared, imparting words of how woefully my chosen football team are doing this season! A handshake, a smile and off to an extremely smart consultation room. Immediately at ease, like being sat with an old friend, we discussed in great depth the best plan of action. Simon listened to both my desires and concerns and we agreed on what we plan to do on Friday 25th March.

After completing our lengthy discussion we went to a treatment room, the place was spotlessly clean, surgical like but with an element of warmth to it. I especially liked the natural light flooding in. If a practitioner is having to rely solely on artificial lighting then how can he see how it stand up in reality?? I noted this and said how different it was to previous treatment rooms I’d been treated in.

Next I had a patch test, Now I knew these guys used different needles but this was so much better, it didn’t hurt a single bit. I was really pleased with that too.

I could be nothing other than impressed with what Simon, Paul and the Brandwood team have achieved with the place. I will certainly be recommending the place to all the SMP ‘brothers’ that I’ve made over the past few years. I’ve agreed that I’m happy to share my pictures to potentially be used in a Case Study on the website because I’m an advocate that a picture paints a thousand words and if seeing my pictures or reading my story can assist just one person find a happiness they thought that they’d lost forever then it’ll be worth it.