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Hi Nicholls :-)

Basically my only reason for wanting to do anything was that I had 3 sessions with Simon, then went for a touch up which I assumed was going to be with Simon but wasn’t, it was with Paul Flaherty and ultimately I wasn’t happy with how it ended up so I had a laser amendment. Since that laser amendment my side profiles ended up too perfectly straight and dark and where my hairline meet your side profiles (that top corner part) again is too sharp.

I’ve always felt that my treatment has looked better on me personally as it has lightened with time, therefore I told Simon yesterday at my consultation about how I did not want to go any darker. I am happy shaving my head every morning so decided that for now at least not to go 3D.

The plan is to use a lighter pigment shade to address the profiles, I’m going to add a very slight peak to my hairline and space permitting (which is very limited because of my frown lines) try and make my hairline even more broken/irregular. Then Simon is going to sprinkle through from front to back with the lighter pigment which will freshen my treatment and ensure perfect blending.

I’ve taken a week off work from Good Friday and over Easter, I’ve booked a cottage in Somerset away from work, friends and family for a few days and I’m honestly excited about the next chapter, I’m literally wiling away the next 12 days.

What was nice yesterday was Simon having a good inspection of my head. I recall that 3 years ago him commenting that my scalp was dry and loose, he said it was in first class order yesterday, no looseness and in good shape. It was also nice to hear that although Simon did my treatment that times have moved on, my treatment has changed with time and he wasn’t afraid to say that to the lay person it looks completely fine but to his trained eye there is much room for improvement.

I’m glad that my thread on the other forum assisted you in taking the plunge and I’m also glad that you recognise that these 2 are top of their game. I’ll be sure to let you know how it all goes. :)