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Well my day finally arrived, I was up out of bed by 05.30 chomping at the bit :side:

I allowed myself 2.5 hours of journey time to cover the 113 mile trip which had me arrive comfortably on time for my 09.30 appointment.

Greeted with another friendly, pretty face and a great cup of coffee, I took a seat whilst Simon prepared himself for our session. I just feel so calm at Brandwood, no nerves, I feel like I’ve been to the place hundreds of times yet I’ve only been once previously, for my consultation and patch test.

Simon and I recapped our discussion from our consultation, I told him that my priority was to address my side profiles, to see if we could do something with the shape of my hairline and tweak my ‘fake’ hairline scar. I showed him a few pictures on my phone so he could see exactly what I meant.

We had decided that we were going to use a much lighter pigment shade than previously used in my other sessions. Paul arrived and after a handshake and exchanging of manly back slaps he also inspected my patch test pigments and said he thought they were absolutely spot on. Brandwood’s pigment numbers are completely different to competitors numbers because they are completely organic. The pigment number we used today was #44 which would have been equivalent to a #36 had I returned to the original clinic (where my first sessions were completed using #28 so a fair bit darker).

What’s great about Brandwood is that you essentially get 2 practitioners for the price of one. Both offering input and drawing off each others years of expertise. Simon told Paul what he was planning to address the issues and Paul agreed but also made a suggestion on how to improve the idea even further. I left myself totally in Simon’s capable hands, I’d told him what I wanted but also said look pal, you’ve done thousands of treatments, just do what you think will suit me best!

I adopted the position in the chair and Simon began on the rear of my head. Again it was apparent on how light the touch of their superior needles are. After about what felt like about half an hour but what probably more like 90 minutes, Paul reappeared with his client, who he introduced to me as forum legend Winterwinds :) He was smiling and I could see why, his treatment was another Clark Classic! I told him that once that’s settled it was going to look truly amazing.

As usual Simon worked on different areas of the head, not concentrating on one spot particularly for any length of time to avoid any discomfort. I noted that in this session that looking after your scalp pays dividends. I can’t emphasise how important it is to moisturise regularly, especially running up to having treatment sessions. I recall Simon mopping up loads of my blood in session two, 3 years ago, yet today there was no sign of any blood on his wet wipes or tissue. Happy Days because bleeding sometimes can mean fading.

Simon addressed my hairline, my side profiles and my scar, he spent ages perfecting it and again asked Paul for a second pair of eyes. Paul again said put 3 dots there on both sides just to break those profiles even more, which Simon duly did and adding a few more to my hairline.

I had a second cup of coffee, I was even treated to a cream egg by David, one of the partners, honestly, everybody there is just so friendly and welcoming.

Finally, my session was over, we took some post treatment photos which given an indication of what we have achieved today but obviously my head is extremely red. The plan is for me to return when my treatment has properly settled to take some good quality photos for my Case Study, in the hope that I can continue to inspire others that done properly, SMP is a wonderful thing.

I said it 3 years ago but today after leaving the lads at Brandwood, I’m eternally grateful and indebted to these boys for essentially giving me a new lease of life instead of looking in the mirror at the reflection of a middle aged bloke who’s just given up on himself like so many others do. If you like what you see in the mirror, you’ll feel better about yourself and carry that confidence in all that you do.

Thanks for reading, I’ll try and post a couple of pics from my phone.

Cheers, Robby ;)