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Just a few words about my visit to Brandwood Clinic Yesterday.
I had previously agreed that I was happy to share photographs and my story on the website so returned 4 weeks after my session to have some photographs taken. I’d requested that I have a couple of dots added to one side profile to even them up and a couple dropped up in the top corners of my hairline. Of course the team were obliging to my request and Simon had told me that because of his schedule that it would be Paul that would be doing any work that I requested. Of course I was more than happy and comfortable to have the artist and perfectionist that is Paul Clark add to Simon’s wonderful creation.
When Paul greeted me he had a good look over my treatment to see how it had settled since my last session. I thought it was perfectly okay but Paul could see a few bits that he felt just needed a little tweaking. In his own words he said “there is nothing wrong with it at all but with your permission I’d like to spend an hour just doing a sprinkle through the top to make it perfect”. I was perfectly happy to indulge him.
But first we had to take the photographs which we did, all nice and simple. I’d agreed in the week too that I’d be happy to say a few words on video. The only thing was, the professional chap who normally does it couldn’t make it so we set about doing it ourselves with a camcorder. I’ll be honest, I was more nervous about this than any treatment I’ve been through lol. However it was very relaxed and informal, Paul held the camera and Simon did the recording. We actually had quite a laugh doing it. We don’t know how it came out yet, it may have been rubbish/poor quality but we did have fun. If anything from what we recorded can be used then happy days. I know I will dread watching myself but if there is anything I’ve done which can assist anyone else then it’s done its job.
Needless to say that I left the clinic absolutely elated. What I set about hoping to achieve by visiting Brandwood clinic when I made my plan to do back in January has been accomplished and then some….
3D scatter next?….. who knows! :woohoo: