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    Even though I loved my treatment before it has now gone to a whole new level….. literally…..I decided to go ahead with the 3D process after I saw the amazing results Brandwood were producing.

    Had my first treatment on March 7th and completed on the 16th and all I can say is wow!!

    My SMP is now literally ‘popping’ off my head and I have been getting some fantastic comments…..nobody and I mean nobody believes that I don’t just shave my hair.

    If you guys out there are thinking about getting the treatment for the first time or updating like me DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE OTHER THAN BRANDWOOD!!!

    If anyone in the West Midlands area wants to see my treatment before taking the plunge, I would be more than happy to meet up as I love showing it off!

    You can get me on 07752172134.

    My heartfelt thanks to Paul and the fantastic team at Brandwood.

    the INK GUY
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    I would love to see some pics mate.
    I was told as a brand new client i will get the 3D scatter within my sessions witch is awesome. but great to hear from you I’ve seen the 3D treatment with my own eyes and its a thing of art! theres such fine detail to this treatment that i just love. I should be getting mine done soon, I’m thinking AUG time as work is crazy. keep us posted mate and let us know how you get on.
    im so glad that paul and simon are in the SMP world these guys are by far the worlds best!
    keep it up team Brandwood.

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    Paul took the usual pics on my treatment days – so I’m sure he’ll put them up soon buddy.

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    This 3D scatter that Paul & Simon have invented seems to have taken this industry to a new level , so many people speaking so highly about it . Looking forward to seeing pics ASAP

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    Before and after 3D pics for AQuickHeadsUp

    Postman Tat
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    3d looks way better in my eyes propa!!!!!! Quality result that impressive…… Before and after pics tell the story B)

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    AQuickHeadsUp, those 3d pics look way better ,if any one wants to my treatment with paul, just ask him to share them here.

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    Hey AQuick, do you remember which shadow was used? I’m using your treatment (with WinterWinds and Rob, and I’ve just seen a so-called Jack in Brandwoods galley) as a reference.

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    Hi Herkilla…can’t remember tbh!!….have just asked Paul to have a check of my records when he gets a chance…

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