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    Hi Guys

    Anyone thinking about this treatment and not sure

    then my advise is get it done and it will change your life, and Paul Clarke is a star, and so is simon

    My Brief story

    I had been losing my hair since the age of 21
    this affected my confidence
    i tried all the lotions and potions
    nothing really worked
    i had a hair transplant, which did not really help or work, and just left a massive scar so i could not shave my head

    for a few years i used concelers such as toppic and nanogen, after a while it become too obvious

    hair loss affected me really badly
    confidence, stopped going out, lost friends, always wearing caps etc etc

    about 3 years ago i came across scalp pigmentation and had my treatment done from Paul Clarke from another clinic

    Paul did a great job, hid my scar, and no one has ever questioned my treatment for 3 years or asked about my scar

    this totally changed my life
    made me more confident
    more out going
    and started living my life again
    all thanks to the great work of paul

    a few months ago i need a touch up
    i contacted the old clinic and found out Paul Clarke was no longer working there

    i did some reseach and found Paul Clarke is now part of brandwood clinic, so i booked in

    again paul, and also simon was great for there help
    paul did such a good job on the touch up and was so helpful

    if anyone is thinking of this treatment, then honestly get it done from brandwood clinic from paul clarke or simon, as they are great at there job, and they do really care
    and hopefully your life will change like my did

    thanks and all the best

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