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    If you’ve just reached this forum, perhaps after looking at other clinics’ then look no further than here. This is probably the best place you will find globally to perform your treatment. These two guys are pioneers and they’ve effectively standardised a lot of the techniques other clinics are emulating. They are both so highly respected in the SMP community that people would request for them specifically (at their old place of work) and forums were awash with praise and admiration for their ability.

    Honestly I really do think it would be madness to go anywhere else. Remember, not all practitioners are equal and If you go with Brandwood you will be treated by the best (elsewhere you could get treated by anyone). If these two worked at any other clinic they would be the top 2 practitioners there by some distance and I genuinely believe they are the best in the world at performing this treatment.

    I was impressed after speaking to Paul again, It’s pretty obvious they’ve built this place on a foundation of transparency and ethics. This is not a corporate machine, this is two guys who really care about your treatment and that’s probably why they’re both so good at performing it. I’ve been treated by Paul before when he worked for another clinic and frankly it was obvious that him and Simon were lightyears ahead of everyone else there (this was pretty common knowledge too).

    You’d be doing yourself a major disservice not to have your treatment performed by these guys when the option is there to you. Remember this is a hugely major thing and the consequences of getting treated by a bad practitioner are severe. The amount of trust you put on these people is enormous so make sure you don’t take a gamble. Make sure you are guaranteed to have it done by the best, that’s these guys; that’s Brandwood!

    The hype is real and once more people start to discover that Paul Clarke and Simon Lane have their own clinic, this place will be booked up around the clock because that’s how much people respect these guys.

    So happy for them hence the enthusiasm.
    A happy customer.

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    fantastic write up and totally true. Here is life rules in simple logic .

    1 .. Don’t let kids play with matches
    2 … Don’t spit in the wind
    3…..Don’t pull on superman cape

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    I concur with both of the above posts, 100% B)

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