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    So here goes I’ve been wanting to have this treatment for a while and been to all the smp places that has to offer, you name it I’ve been! i won’t say names but if i say H*S, and S***P and VIN you could guess…..right?
    S***p was ok but i just had a feeling the guy Marcin was just talking rubbish and bigging him self up to much. But what he don’t know is, i know how long he has been working in SMP for!
    and he said he “s been doing smp for 6 years!…….nope mate you haven’t because i know you’ve been doing it for just about 2 years so that got my back up right away, so after he said that i was interested in what he had to say. he took me to a client who was getting the treatment done and from a far it looked ok, but when i got closer the pigment dots was way to big for my liking and thats was enough for me so bye bye S***p oh btw i asked to see a certificate and it was some kind of in house thing…..now I’m involved in the tattoo world and i know thats not worth JACK S**T so alarm bells went off big time! the clinic room wasn’t up to H&S standards also no tape on the gun and the set up of the room was not good.
    VIN… now i didn’t like the office set up for the consultation i felt like i was left way open sitting in the lobby watching office guys and girls walk past me while I’m there in a hat and not dressed like an office man i stood out and i felt like they knew what i was here for. so spoke to the guy he seemed nice but nice just don’t cut if for me…..he sat me down and we talked the treatment yet again from a far looked alright but up close the dots stood out too much for me and looked a little clusterd for me. so a nope from me. but the guy was nice but didn’t meet anyone who done the treatment just this consultation dude.
    H.H clinic….went there nice place from the outside but got in there felt cold and dark just everything is BLACK and WHITE! and i mean everything. So a girl came sat me down she was a nice girl tbh very chatty and down to earth i think her name was Hayley. she said a guy called paul was seeing me so i waited……..waited a bit more…….and some more…..20 mins after and he turns up. now this guy didn’t seem he wanted to be there at ALL! there was no joy in his voice very flat in tone wise and just seemed like he didn’t care. so we got talking ( and this is where i go off ) so we talked about things and hows the SMP done all that jazz, but he just gave me short quick answers no detail or depth just felt like i was getting brushed off with every question i asked. i asked can i see the treatment being done. so he took me in as i walked in i saw a dark haired girl mixing what could only be the pigment. now me and paul had a little chat in this area as i was showing him what i didn’t want on this poster they had up. but i kept an eye on this girl mixing the pigment and there i saw it!!!!! this white bottle with a small black lid on it btw this bottle looked very grubby. now this is where my back got up again, i know this bottle I’ve seen it before as i work in the tattoo world this pigment is a DRAWING INK!!!!!!! i won’t say the brand but its so easy to find on the web. but there it was I’m 99% sure its drawing ink if the lable wasn’t peeled off and i could tell it was, it says this pigment is not for TATTOOING! so now I’m pissed off I’m so sure this is the bottle and i went home looked it up for hours just case i was wrong and NOPE I’m not but you can’t be 100% sure but I’m 99% sure. so went in asked the girl who was doing the treatment hows it going and she seemed nice but i just got this feeling off her, like she was scared or not confident about what she was doing. but the treatment looked very red and the dots was too big this time too big for me.I went back to the consultation room asked him how long has the girls been doing it for he couldn’t give me anything just kept waving his hands and saying they can do the treatment. but yet again i knew how long theses girls have been doing it for and its just about a year or so ( like i said I’ve looked deep into this SMP world ) so thats not good for me a year but i asked about Damon , Simon, Daz and paul his face went all shocked and kind of had this panic look and told me simon is a stay at home job and Paul is travelling……..LIE!!!!!!! i was waiting for this answer to see if they would tell truth….and he failed and lied to my face. i asked for to see a certificate and he said they are all trained i asked to see it again and in around about way he said i couldn’t see it ! but told me they were in house trained mmmmmm ok mate I’m gonna go now ( my inner voice said ) he gave me a quote of £2500 and £600 for 3rd which i new i would be paying as 99% of clients who’ve had SMP needed a 3rd its just the logic on how things should be done. So this guy saw me to the door and then i told him I’m on my motor bike and then BOOM! he woke up and wanted to chat about bikes……are you kidding mate not a chance where was my respect when i came to this clinic for help and you acted like you didn’t care at all……bye bye H.H. clinic . Oh and then i walked past a indian woman and a guy with the SMP and said hi and they just blanked me…..i knew exactly who they were so that was the last nail in the coffin so to say.
    the way things are going it looks like i would be doing the treatment with a bic pen on my own head! lol
    hello Brand wood clinic the home of the 2 people I’ve wanted to meet, but should be a stay at home dad or gone around the world, Simon and Paul! Now these guys have a good solid past in the world of SMP so i got very excited to see they are working together again and this new shiny new website and clinic. so picked up the phone a nice dude called wayne picked up the phone and booked me in for a consultation. I went in and this clinic looks AWESOME! bright stylish modern and super clean. Met a girl who made me a ace coffee and met paul and si straight away both of them did a consultation but we just chatted for a while, these guys are really down to earth guys no selling just talking real talk no B.S. So i didn’t need to ask these guys anything they showed me their certificate’s, which they were on the wall, for anyone to see. They then showed me whats in the pigment all natural and vegan friendly now. I work in the tattoo world and this was just music to my ears. They showed me the clinic room…..WOW! This was better than most hospitals I’ve ever seen. They told me the features what all clinics need i was just blown away how deep they went into things. price was good £2950 for 3 sessions and glad it was a 3 session deal. So here i am booked in and can’t wait to be with the GOLDEN BOYS of SMP! Together with over 10 years experience under there belt with a brand new clinic, needles, pigment oh!!!! patch test was done also so which was a nice touch but they told me its the law now that every person should have a patch test which i didn’t have to pay for ( not like H.H. clinic ). So yeah thats my story and Brandwood clinic is the winner by miles so thank you too all the guys at Brandwood clinic for being the only ones who told the truth and can not wait to have the SMP done….. don’t waste time guys just go to B.W.C and save your self the hassle
    Now i will shut up and beer is calling……watch this space SMP bro’s :P

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    Great write up buddy! I’m glad the ink thing is coming out at last…..still can’t believe I worked for those people.

    I’m so glad I kept all my “scripts” from that place. There are actually one or two genuinely decent people working their but the lies I/we were told ….hindsight is a wonderful thing but I STILL feel used and am so sorry for the clients they hoodwinked.

    Wish they had the b******s to get in touch with me but I guess they are about as genuine as their ‘organic ink’ lol…..trust in Brandwood…and see you next week Paul and Si..

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    Very interesting read. To be honest I’d never really thought about this side of the treatment too much, but it’s good to no the ink on my Scalp is not harmful in anyway being treated by Brandwood.

    I think companies should be a bit more open and honest in industries such as this, especially for guys like us who trust who we see, believing they are the experts.

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    Bloody heck Ink man I’ve just nearly just chocked on my bacon stottie reading your post . Its a great story , i never went to the other clinics as i was living in the midlands at the time so i went to two companies based there , that one fellow treats and talks to people like their idiots and believe the baloney he comes out with , no wonder he wouldn’t tell me about their ink if its bloody drawing ink. I guess i should be relived like Klopp that i don’t have it in my scalp. Im booking my treatment for April at Brandwood , I’m happy to nip down on the train from the north, a 3 hour journey is nothing as i wanna get this right and after reading ink mans story on other clinics and my own consultation at brandwood i know I’m making the right choice .

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    ….another thing….if it really is drawing ink advertised as organic ink by HH, surely that is a trade description issue…ie a case for suing….

    We were told to say a ‘totally organic pigment containing no metallic elements that is totally safe’ etc etc…..

    It is on my head ffs, they knew I had had a brain tumour and had chemo etc and promised me it was all fine……I will be looking into the potential side affects asap

    Watch this space…..

    the INK GUY
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    sorry guys I’ve been away for a while, i feel bad after dropping the bomb like that lol
    well like i said i found the bottle at home as I’ve used it before on a painting and its the same. i just don’t think its right to lie to my face like that!
    i did some research into it a bit more and some tattoo artist use it in the states but i think its banned! in the state of california. so i wonder what the HH clinic is using in LA ?
    i don’t think it will do anything to your health tbh but i don’t know for sure but if the bottle says not for tattooing well you shouldn’t use it. but thats my logic.
    like i said tho guys i might be wrong but I’m not going to risk it when i have to pay that much for the treatment.
    i just love the fact that Brandwood clinic are going to clean up this world of SMP it needs it as the people I’ve seen have been shocking.
    im so team Brandwood

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