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    about 6 years ago i stumbled across a few videos on you tube from his hair clinic and for about a year and a half i watched nothing else.

    my mrs was so fed up with me going on about it she arranged for me to go for a consultation………so i did!!

    best thing i ever did, i was booked in with paul clark (thank god) and the difference it made was out of this world. i still had quite a bit of hair so i could pull off a number 1 for a couple years and i loved it.

    recently as i lost more hair ive been shaving it off fully with the bald eagle razor and to be fair i was still ok with it but thought i could do with the 3rd treatment that i was originally quoted for but didnt think i needed as it was perfect after 2.

    i contacted his hair to inquire about the 3rd treatment and if the prices quoted would still stand, i sent photos and they agreed to the original price which i was over the moon about. i phoned and requested paul clark did my treatment again and they told me he was no longer there……oh dear!!

    i then googled and found him, he was at a plan b concert wearing dungereez and a vanilla ice t shirt (joke)…………….i found his new place and instantly rang up to book a consultation.

    i expected a hollywood version of the original paul but he was exactly the same genuine person that did my procedure the first time and instantly agreed to the new 3d scatter and booked in for the following week. i cant tell you how happy i am with it and only a fellow fixed up baldy will understand the feeling of no longer having a giant elongated face……lol…..the frame it gives ur face is unbelievable…..my mrs asked if i was about to cry whilst looking at a selfie but i blamed the onions i was about to go and slice.

    all jokes aside it is the best thing ive done in along time and i know how much reading stuff on the various forums helped me make up my mind and bite the bullet so if this essay can convince some one else to go ahead with treatment then its worth every sentence.

    im 4 days in after my final treatment and just waiting to shave, cant wait!!! ive showed a couple people so far and they are amazed.

    if your in doubt then book a consultation……..its free

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