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    First off I’d like to say thank you for taking time to read this.My name is Jonathan Gerow and I am a scalp-micropigmentation artist and owner of Hairline Ink based in New York City.I will start by saying I am proud of Paul and Simon for what they have accomplished . My journey started in the states with the first Scalp micropigmentation company that was in America .At the time I started ,I used to hear of a guy named Paul Clark from HIS in the UK..During this time we were the only two company’s performing Scalp micropigmentation at that time.I took notice that all of the work from HIS came from the talent of Paul and Simon.In my journey ,I respected HIS as the idea of bringing this amazing procedure in the states.So I reached out to HIS and at the time there was NYC and LA that were the two first locations for HIS in the USA.After years of performing treatments and working along side Paul and Simon(we were opposite sides of the country and although we all never physically met) I always appreciated the work they have produced.I have recently left HIS HairClinic a few months ago and started HairLineInk. Paul and Simon were the ones that gave me hope to start my own buisness .I have been told throughout the years by clients that I am the talent and guys like me,Paul and Simon are what gives the company it’s name,reputation and the great results.I do give credit to HIS for the amount of work I have done and the ability to take my skills above and beyond.The time has come for me to deliver high quality results and build my own brand here in New York.Thank you Paul and Simon for the privilege to be a part of your forum and I look forward to the many positive stories

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    Hello from the other side of ‘the pond’!

    Congratulations on your new business, a city as great as NY deserves a great SMP practice.

    It is interesting that since many ‘artists’ have fled the older companies those companies have stopped talking about what practitioner people will get or how experienced they are. You can’t even ‘big up’ any individuals on their forums.

    It’s no coincidence.

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