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    This post on our news page – https://www.brandwoodclinic.com/news/56-not-pigment – was initially intended as a Forum post as we wanted other comments.

    It was spawned by a repeating question about the pigments and a certain clinic that makes extravagant claims and tries to back it up with science. We think other things are far more important, things like experience, technique, talent/skill, style and care.

    That is not to say that the pigment is inconsequential, Paul and Simon took time to find one that met with their high-standards and would also be as organic/natural as possible. That’s the pigment we use and when you come to us for a consultation or treatment we’ll be happy to tell you what’s in it. That may not happen elsewhere.

    There was a conversation strand on another forum about naming practitioners and the quality/standard of service. The thread was eventually closed down for spurious reasons. The ‘news’ post above also aims to address that issue. If the client is at the forefront of your thinking then they have the right to as much information as is available. Only by access to facts can anyone be expected to make a considered judgement.

    We honestly believe that if you do the research there’s only one clinic you’ll come to for your ‘SMP’, it’ll be ours. Ask us anything and find out how we’re changing lives every day.

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