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    Morning forum land , just came in from the night shift and saw on social media that Jeremy Kyle is at Brandwood Clinic today . Just proves these guys are on the up when they can lure celebs like that to the clinic . Good luck to all the Brandwood team , Paul & Simon hope its a great day for you. please supply some pics of the day .

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    Yep, best of luck for a successful evening guys.

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    I’m sure he’ll recover from you mis-spelling his name Buzz Cut! There are now photos on the news page and our Facebook page. We’ve posted the TV news-feature on Facebook and you’ll soon see a full interview with JK giving his thoughts about Scalp Micropigmentation and Brandwood Clinic. This will be on our YouTube channel and on Facebook once it’s ready.

    Buzz cut
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    Ooops , My apologises Mr moderator i have corrected my spelling mistake , a 12 hour shift on nights is my excuse . Well having seen various TV and newspaper articles it appears the night was a total success . Congrats to Brandwood for enticing a celeb like Jezza K to their clinic .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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