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  • Marco Champ
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    Hello everyone :)
    So by now you have probably seen not only my case study but also my introduction in the news as i have joined the Brandwood Clinic family.
    I first knew about and had my SMP treatment in 2010 and then became a trained practitioner in 2013 under the wings of Paul and Simon.
    It has been a long journey and sometimes i have to look back at my old pictures just to remember how bad my hair was and how much i was depressed about my hair loss.
    I remember when i first became worried about hairloss when my barber commented that he could see a thin area at the top of my head and the thickness of my hair wasn’t like before. I tried not to think about it but having it constantly playing on my mind caused me to stress and therefore it got worse.
    I went to the Belgravia clinic in London who put me on propecia and minoxidil. I thought everything was going to be ok but then after a few months i started to experience loads of side effects and i just couldn’t bear it anymore.
    Being so young i didnt want to be dealing with all of this so i decided to use concealers (Dermatch and Nanogen), they worked for a while but then one day i went out in the rain and came back with my hairline rained off!
    I then practically gave up on concealers and all that was left was the’permanent’ solution of a hair transplant. I started saving up money but whilst i did that i found out about scalp micro pigmentation at HIS Hair.
    My original treatment was quite defined and in all honesty i loved what i had because i went from having nothing to something…over time the treatment has evolved and thinking about more natural results i decided to get my sharp look lasered off and my and Paul discussed having a more softer look.
    At this point I was a practitioner and gained so much experience working on thousands of clients myself. So using the knowledge I had gained i came up with the right plan of how natural I wanted it. It’s been nothing short of amazing being on the other side and helping so many people overcome the hair loss issues I once had.
    Over the past year i have had follow up sessions through he guys at Brandwood as they branched out and i trusted and believed in their ethos.
    Most recently Simon did my 3D scatter treatment which is something i was very interested in but only these guys offered and are experienced in.
    The results were fantastic and i couldn’t have been happier.
    I cant thank the guys enough for the all the stuff they have taught me and the experience i gained from these guys and its a true testament to their ability and top status in this industry that they have opened up Brandwood Clinic.
    I am ecstatic to be joining up with them and more importantly to be bringing my own experience to help you guys out there who are looking for a solution to your hairloss worries :)
    Thanks for your time guys and remember that this treatment is a solution, not a cure, it does take sometime to get used to.
    Its not because i am with Brandwood now that i am going to say we are the best but rather i ask you to always do your own research and see that the results and attitude here speak for themselves!

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    Hi Marcus

    Looking at your case study photos, what you have now looks so much better and far more natural looking. It’s great that as SMP has evolved that treatments are looking better all the time.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Buzz cut
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    Hi Marcus thanx for sharing your story . This is great news for Brandwood that you have joined them as i remember chatting to you when i was having treatment with simon at the other place, you were a very friendly and polite man who had came up from London and you took time out to chat to the all the people having treatments and consultations that afternoon . So any body who has a consultation with you will feel relaxed and know you are a genuine guy who has peoples best interest at hart. Are you going to continue doing treatments or stick to consultations only ?

    Marco Champ
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    No worries…just hope that i can encourage others to get on this amazing journey and off the stress forever.

    Marco Champ
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    Hi Buzz…just consultations for now as im based in London.

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