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    I just wanted to share my experience with you. I am a man in my early 30s who has been losing his hair since his early twenties. I’ve been using everything from medication, to hair fibres, to hats and was becoming a recluse due to it. Anyways, around three years ago I came across SMP and was all set to process with a main stream company and go ahead with the treatment. I ended up backing out due to several reasons. The main reason was fear and I wanted to see someone in the flesh who had the treatment. I managed to meet with a couple of guys who were fantastic with sharing their experiences with me. This gave me the push to make my decision. I couldn’t go on using fibres and hats – it was destroying my life.

    Anyways, I booked with a so called market leader who rushed my consultation and didn’t even carry out a patch test. I paid my deposit and arranged time off work. My heart wasn’t fully in it but felt I had no option but to proceed. A few weeks later I hit a text from a guy I met who had the treatment done by Paul Clarke. He said that I was to cancel my appointment and hold fire as Paul was now working with Simon and was offering this service through brand wood. I went on the brand wood website and spoke to them. Immediately they made me feel at ease. I booked my consultation and travelled to Birmingham to be assessed. I came away feeling on top of the world. My treatments were booked, subject to no bad reaction from patch test, and I was ready to go.

    My first treatment day came around so quickly. I had to shave my hair off and moisturise to prepare. Was an absolute nightmare. Hardest thing to do. But I’m so glad I done it. I hated the way I looked and really prayed the treatment would change me. The treatment went ahead, it’s not sore, the clinic staff are so attentive and Paul is amazing! He designed m hairline and shade, we chatted away and I couldn’t believe the results. Amazing! I was told I prepare for fading and my second treatment was booked for a week later.

    The treatment did fade after first session. The second added that density. I was slowly but surely getting used to it. I felt confident again. I felt I wasn’t hiding under a hat or fibres. Paul is a perfectionist, he quoted me for three sessions in case of any fading. The second session added density but did fade so 1 month later I had my final treatment. It now looks fantastic. I have a years guaranteed/warranty for touch ups and the office call frequently to check I am ok and I honestly can’t believe the impact these guys have had on my life. May I add that no one has noticed I’ve had the treatment and people have said I should grow my hair out a bit!! Most people have said I suit it. Some have said I look like a hooligan. Throughout this experience I have learned one thing – not to care about what anyone else thinks! Do what you want to do! It worked out well for me, if I hadn’t delayed to go ahead I may never have met Paul and the brand wood team, and I have one guy to thank for that.

    I’ve not told anyone about my treatment but felt I had to thank Paul and Brandwood for changing my life. Also, if anyone is out there and bordering on depression like I was then please, take the steps to help yourself. It will allow you to look forward with your life and forget about baldness. I’m sorry I can’t share pictures as I have kept this a secret and intend to take it to the grave, but please feel free to contact me on here.


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    The best thing that happened to you is delaying and waiting for the best. Good call. Lady Luck was shining on you.

    Glad you’re happy with your results.

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