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    I researched the procedure for about 6 months before undergoing the treatment. I have probably seen almost every SMP providers web site gallery photos as well as looked at other forums and seen results posted professionally by various clinics and others submitted by people who have undergone the treatment and shown selfies of the results. This is a permanent procedure and I wanted to make sure it was right for me. The results I saw varied greatly and the at home selfies scared me the most because, frankly, some were not natural results and some scalps looked like they just received a lick of blue paint. 

    Because of these varying results I decided it was too risky and I abandoned the ‘project’ so to speak. It wasn’t until Damien who runs the scalp guru Facebook group (if you’re not on the group then I suggest you get on) showed his results from the Brandwood clinic that I decided to take a second look. There are few in the industry that have as much experience and knowledge as Damien so if he chose Brandwood then I wanted to know why. 

    I live in Australia and I had a Skype session with Paul Clark. My impression from that session was that this practitioner was highly skilled at his craft. Extremely passionate about his work. He made little attempt to sell his skills and in-fact he undersold himself which is why I felt more confident. A week later I made the appointment and I was taking the 24 hour long journey to Birmingham. After booking the session, flight and accommodation anxiety started to set in and I started to think I was crazy. ‘What am I doing getting a tattoo on my head’ I would say to myself. There was a tipping point where I was actually going to cancel everything but I persisted and two weeks later I was nervously on a plane. 

    Once I arrived at the clinic, both practitioners Paul and Simon were not only a wealth of information and guidance but they were supportive because they understand that SMP can be an emotional turbulent journey. I felt that they had my back and were with me every step of the way.  We mapped out a plan and Paul was meticulous in applying the pigment. Continuously stepping back so that he can see the results from different angles. I knew I was in good hands and I started to enjoy the sessions. His approach is conservative, with the main emphasis to be a result that is as most natural looking as possible and that’s what the result shows. 

    This is the most important thing for me, looking closely in the mirror I cannot tell that what is on my head is not hair and If I can’t tell no one else will. After returning home the best thing is that no one has commented on any change to my scalp. I have been slick bald for over 10 years and have shaved my head for about that long. The only comment I got yesterday was that I was unlike the bald guy next to me because if I wanted to I could grow my hair. This comment was from a person who has known me for over 12 years. 

    I have taken the time to record my experience because I want others who are in a similar situation to know what is possible from these guys and SMP in general. I have received no financial or any other benefit from my comments here. When my close friends ask me why I went all the way to England to get this done (and I have only told my close friends about this procedure) I say, with all the sincerity, because they are the best on the planet at what they do. 

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    what a great story , if you want the best treatment you should be prepared to travel thats what i did from the north east ( 4 hours by car ). At the end of the day this is your head and you really don’t want some amateur trying to give you a cropped head of hair appearance . Do your research and if that means going out your way to travel then you should do so other wise you could have a dodgy treatment and your problems are just starting . Would love to see some pics Rakewell if thats possible .

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    thanks Weeta,

    completely agree especially because the industry is fairly new and unregulated. It’s up the customer to match their goals to the technician. Also because it’s a permanent procedure right on top of your head and if it goes bad it’s hard to hide.

    I believe Paul was going to put up some photos I’ll try and add a link here, if not then I’ll put up some selfies when I get a chance. Going on holidays for 2 weeks so it will be in the new year some time.


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