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    Hello to all out there who may find themselves reading this post.

    My name is ‘David’ and at the time of this writing you can only see my SMP video on YouTube’s ‘Brandwood Clinic’ section.

    I’m currently the wrong side of 50 lol, and over the past 20+ years have had numerous hair transplants which when I look back on them now, were never really that successful anyway and any results I did gain would not be visible for many months after.

    I guess I’m lucky that I do have hair all over my head, it’s just that it has never looked full enough for me to feel comfortable and confident in myself about it. Because of this and over the next 20+ years I was willing to put myself through a lot of pain and discomfort (both to my wallet and my head!) when I endured many hair transplants from at least 4 different specialists!

    Around three years ago when in London, my hair transplant surgeon told me I no longer had any donor sites left, and then told me about “SMP” which he thought may provide the visual density which had always eluded me, incidentally I’d never heard of SMP at that time. My surgeon then showed me a website, which quite by coincidence had a studio next door to where I was in London that day.
    I distinctly remember feeling blown away by the pictures. I thanked him and then immediately went next door totally unannounced. I spoke to staff and arrangements were made for me to have 3 treatments, all of which were carried out by Simon Lane shortly after.

    I was ecstatic with the results and for the next 2 years I kept the cropped-look, shaving my head every other day-or-so.
    I guess it sounds almost ridiculous when I now say it, but at that time I felt almost like being reborn again! :-)
    No longer did I have to worry about my hair looking thin under the lights, or under the Sun, or whenever I went out, all of which I had been doing for the previous 30 odd years!
    No longer would I have to listen to the jokes about my thin hair, which I too used to laugh along with as though they didn’t bother me, but really I would feel eaten up inside!

    About a year ago my wife suggested to me to try and grow my hair to see how it would look. By now I had changed my job and my first concern was that it would look to false and my work colleagues would notice it straight away, but I agreed to give it a go anyway. Fortunately it went quite well for me and nobody seemed to notice :-)

    (I have attached some pics for site-users to view at the end of this post for all those who want to see what SMP can look like with hair growing through it and over it, the “long hair” pic was taken this summer).

    I feel it definitely gives the illusion that my hair is more denser than it actually is, which is exactly what I hoped it would achieve.

    Fast forward now to a few months ago, I became aware Simon (and Paul) were starting up the Brandwood clinic, so I got in touch with Simon and after a long catch-up chat a date was set for me to have a “top up” with the new and improved inks that only the Brandwood clinic use. Naturally, this meant I would have to shave off all my hair again which I was more than happy to do.

    Well I’ve now had my top-up, and must say tha the clinic is absolutely brilliant. It was so nice to catch up with Simon and Paul again. I thoroughly wish them every success in the future because they really deserve it. They both are such genuinely nice guys who are passionate about their product and I truly believe they care about each and every client they take on.

    For anyone out there who is thinking of having an SMP treatment then I would urge you to go through with it, as it really can change your life for the better.

    I guess I may be biased here Lol, but speaking from first hand experience, I thoroughly recommend the Brandwood clinic and would not even consider going anywhere else in the world for the treatment.

    Kind regards to all,


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    Great story Kelser and video , your SMP treatment on its own looks great and to have the option of growing your hair now to compliment it is a real added bonus . I think to have the option of either Simon or Paul doing your Smp under the one clinic is an added bonus , i would not let anybody else out there touch my scalp .

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