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    Firstly I would like to introduce myself and tell you my honest heart felt story and my journey to find a
    solution and to regain my confidence back due to hair loss.
    My name is Si I started loosing my hair due to ill health, like so many other men for what ever reason hair loss has occurred this can be a devastating blow for a man {myself included}.
    Also being in the public eye I guess made it worse for me to cope and deal with. Being a very successful model and west end performer.
    I searched for so many different options to try and combat my hair loss and spent a great deal of time and money in the process. I know this will sound very familiar to many men out there including myself.
    I came across this treatment called S.M.P purely by accident via the net, intrigued I spent many hours researching different companies. after many hours of deliberating I decided to book a consultation for S.M.P. Paul Clark . I was indeed very nervous and incredibly excited at the same time and to find out if S.M.P could be the answer. To say I was blown away by this technique would be an understatement, it changed my life.

    Paul Clark at Brandwood Clinic is truly at the top for the S.M.P technique world wide. His attention to detail and artistic flare is quite incredible. A very friendly young man with so much passion to help those suffering with hair loss .
    he changed my life and helped me get my MOJO back .lol
    I am here first and foremost to tell my story and help others that might be going through what I went through. I am generally a very private person but wanted to share my story with you all and tell you how S.M.P changed my life. You only live once, so don’t let hair loss hold you back like it did with me.

    May I wish Paul and Simon at Brandwood Clinic every success for the future and to all the guys that find Brandwood Clinic and the incredible work they do to help hair loss.

    STAYGOLD!!! Si.

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    Great story Si, thank you for posting it here.



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    Thank you Dave, it was from my heart and here to help those that might be going through what I went through. Best hands in the S.M.P BUSINESS .#WORLD WIDE. love these guys to bits.

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