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    We process a lot of enquiries from people who are contemplating FUE treatment.

    Some are using SMP to complement their transplants, others are considering transplants both before and after SMP.

    I thought it might be useful to create a separate strand where people could talk about their experiences of transplants, pro and anti, all comments welcomed.

    Obviously we’re most interested in those who’ve chosen to use Scalp MicroPigmentation alongside, after or instead of a transplant and how those decisions were arrived at. I know that your contributions will be valuable to others.

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    I would welcome input from anyone who went down the route of smp first followed by fue. I’m considering a 2000 fue transplant to compliment the excellent smp that Paul is currently doing for me. I’m Norwood 6 so obviously limited as to what can be done but there are some cases online that seem positive when the 2 procedures are skilfully used together …

    Buzz cut
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    I’ve read and been told that you get SMP done first , the other way you would have to wait 6 months for the transplant to settle down before you have SMP. Also SMP will create a shaven look straight away and may reduce the cost of the transplant and how many follicles need to be extracted to create a fuller look .

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    So you can get a transplant after doing SMP?

    There are not risks to doing one and it preventing you from moving on to full transplants?

    It seems like you are saying that it should be done before transplants, but is there anything else to know?

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    Essentially you can attack it from either side – before or after.

    If after then you have to wait for the transplant sites to be fully healed. There is nothing in the SMP procedure that will prevent you from moving onto a full transplant at a future date.

    You can cross-check this advice with HT doctors should you wish to do so.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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