Hair loss from scars
the solution

Hair loss from scars from surgery or an accident? Yes, even scars can be treated with Scalp Micropigmentation.

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Scar Camouflage

SMP produces excellent results in the camouflaging of hair loss from scars on the scalp whether as a result of previous injury or from the effects left from hair transplantation. All hair transplants leave an element of permanent scarring – the level of which is down to the type of transplantation procedure performed.

Strip Scars

The strip method will produce a linear scar on the back of the head – a long yet thin scar, running usually from one ear to the other.

Strip Scarring: Before & After
Strip Scarring: Before & After
Plug Scarring: Before
Plug Scarring: Before

Plug Scars

Older transplant procedures tend to leave quite deep plug scarring from the removal of the hair follicles, this results in round white dot scars. Scalp micro pigmentation is an effective scar concealment procedure helping to significantly reduce their visibility. Depending on the severity – hair loss from scars can be successfully treated within three sessions, and your consultant will discuss all available options with you at your initial meeting.

Follicular Unit Extraction Scarring: Before
FUE Scarring: Before

Follicular Unit Extraction Scarring

Latest FUE transplants leave multiple tiny round, white scars in the donor area, one for each extracted follicular unit. Scarring from FUE tends to be less noticeable than other methods.

SMP for
Hair Transplant Enhancement

SMP can be used both prior to and post transplantation to enhance its effects. Indeed combining these two procedures will achieve the maximum amount of density and definition to the hairline. SMP enhances the look of fullness by reducing the contrast levels between your scalp and the natural hair color. Natural pigments are applied up to the epidermal layer of the scalp to produce the image of real hair follicles.

SMP prior to transplant treatment can help minimize the obvious hairline difference of an individual, by discreetly improving the hair density in the weeks running up to the transplant – making the transition less obvious.

If you choose to have the FUE treatment first, the SMP procedure can then be carried out after a minimum period of 6 months.