Individual Tests

This service is available at selected clinics

Individual Tests
at Brandwood Clinic

Here at Brandwood Clinic, we provide access to simple, accurate and comprehensive health screening packages and individual tests.

Consultations instantly give you vital statistics arming you with information to give you the opportunity to address any issues and take control of your future. Your results can show existing or potential problems that you can address before they become an issue, often through minor lifestyle changes. All consultations and results are confidential and not shared with any other medical or insurance company unless you pass them on.

This allows you to take a really proactive approach to your health. So, if you feel fine and healthy right now – that’s great, book an appointment and make sure you stay that way! If you think you have some work to do, book an appointment to see exactly where you’re starting from and see the benefit to your health as you progress.

Tests & Services

These tests and services are available on their own or in combination and some are discounted if taken alongside one of our screening packages where it’s not included already. We are constantly adding new tests and services as we are able to provide them, if there’s something you want and it’s not listed please contact us.

Health Screening

Please see our Screening Packages page for more information about what is included with this.


75 Mins Duration

Menopause Profile

A group of tests to help determine Menopause status. Discount rate for customers with Enhanced Health Screening.


75 Mins Duration

Prostate Test

A measure of both Total PSA and Free PSA giving a more detailed screening for an enlarged prostate.


30 Mins Duration