It’s not just about pigment

It’s not just about pigment

On a daily basis we have become accustomed to the standard questions that we’ll be asked. These come from people who’ve probably done a little research, a lot of whom have had the treatment in the past. Those questions generally relate to cost and pigment.

There are no unreasonable questions. This is an important treatment and can greatly enhance your life. It’s entirely natural to be cautious, we prefer it that way.

Money is a defining factor, always. It’s the same with any purchase, you run through a cost benefit analysis even if you don’t realise you’re doing it. It’s also understandable that you’ll compare one supplier against another, this is far more important than the decision whether to buy baked beans from Tesco or from Lidl. We always suggest that you should shop around but don’t make it all about the price, think about the quality. This is a highly visible treatment and, as we’ve said elsewhere, if it goes wrong it can be tricky to have it corrected. We’ve all seen Bodyshockers and Embarrassing Bodies on TV – at least those of us in the UK anyway. Far better to get it right first time.

The pigment question is based on assertions from others that theirs is ‘the best’. As in any commercial situation if someone is selling something then they’re always going to claim a monopoly on quality. There is an old maxim that if a lie is repeated often and assertively enough then it becomes accepted as truth. This is certainly the case with people enquiring about our treatments, they always ask about the pigment because what other’s say has become accepted fact. Do you always believe an advertising message?

We think the treatment is about far more than that but I’ll come onto that. Pigment is not the colonel’s ‘secret recipe’ or Coca Cola’s prized syrup. If you come to Brandwood and ask us about ours then we’ll tell you what’s in it. Why wouldn’t we? We think our uniquely sourced formula is the most natural product currently in use, it’s entirely organic and even vegan-friendly. Pigment is commercially-sensitive, we don’t want any other clinics reproducing ours because we consider it to be the best, but as a client you’re entitled to know what’s going into your scalp. Initially we didn’t make it available to other clinics but on improving our training programme we felt it appropriate to extend the availability to others.

blowouts, bad hairline, random spacing
Appalling application, random spacing, blowouts, poor hairline (not our work!)
SMP pigment
Our award-winning pigment

As with many things, perhaps the better question is not what but ‘how’. The judgement of a good practitioner is less about the tools than the technique. Many clinics now won’t tell you who is going to perform your treatment, they expect that you’ll just accept that whoever does it comes up to their high standards. This is clearly a nonsense. History and experience is everything. If you were having major heart surgery you’d be greatly reassured to know that the surgeon has years of experience, has performed the operation hundreds of times. You’d prefer that than to know you’re getting a newbie who might have done it once or twice before.

This isn’t heart surgery but you understand the analogy. A lot of clinics won’t even allow you to do your own research because they try and stop practitioners being named on their forums or website. What do they have to hide? If you come to Brandwood Clinic you’re seeing one of the top SMP practitioners in the world. Whether you see Simon, Damon, Danny, or Agata, you’re getting an individual with significant experience in their trade and craft.

If you’re undertaking the ‘due diligence’ that we would suggest is necessary before pursuing Scalp Micropigmentation, you’ll also want to see previous work that the practitioners have performed. The images and videos on our website, across our social media and on sites like YouTube allow you to see specific work that we have undertaken recently.

From this you’ll see the care and time we take to apply the treatment, the precision we bring to the process. This is the most important factor in our opinion – technique. The way the procedure is carried out is vital to the end appearance. On a far too frequent basis we’ve seen treatment that we consider sub-standard. Imperfect application of pigment, an uneven blend, heavier in some areas than others, double-dotting. It is a treatment that requires care and time and it is better carried out by someone with experience. On many occasions the person bearing the SMP is not even that aware of how poor it looks. Generally, people are only worried that it doesn’t look blue.

A fear has built up amongst many who are vaguely familiar with SMP treatment, this is the fear of a blue head. A worry that the pigment they’ve had will change colour over time and become blue.

It’s a rational fear in some respects, nothing would look less natural than walking around with a blue tinge to the scalp. This said it is fairly rare. It occurs as a result of two factors, poor quality pigment and haphazard technique. If the pigment is cheap it could turn blue but it is far more likely to happen if the person applying it does so in an unprofessional way. The ‘blue effect’ occurs as a result of heavy pressure which instead of leaving a clean follicle-effect placement goes too deep and results in a ‘pooling’ or spreading.

This has never happened to anyone treated by us and that is important. Our standards, technique and professionalism are second to none. If you take the risk and go with an un-named practitioner, a cheap offer or a vague promise you are in danger of receiving treatment that is, at best, less than perfect. At worst it could be a tragedy. Are you willing to play Russian roulette with your scalp?

It’s not just about price and pigment, other factors are far more important. Technique, skill, experience, needle-size and practitioner – these are the things you should be concerned about. It’s a treatment that can change your life. Make sure it’s a positive change, choose Brandwood.

A typical full hair loss treatment will include 3 clinical sessions and all Brandwood Clinic treatments come with a comprehensive 24 MONTH GUARANTEE.

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