All about the body composition

All about the body composition

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All about the body composition

If you have a diet and exercise regime planned for the New Year you’re unlikely to be alone. Getting fit and healthy tops many people’s list of resolutions after the excesses of the Christmas period.

You’re also far from being alone in simply being overweight. According to many studies 67% of men and 57% of women in the UK are overweight or obese with our island having the third-highest rate of excess weight in western Europe.

There is a possible flaw in these figures since they use the popular, but often discredited, form of measurement, Body Mass Index (BMI). Although BMI is the standard and consequently used by GPs, gyms and clinics around the country it is not the most comprehensive analysis of your weight and health.

At Brandwood Clinic we offer a full body composition test which gives your weight range, body fat ratio and target body fat range, hydration level and target hydration range and also basal metabolic rate. These tests, which are included in our standard and enhanced health screening packages, will give you a far better overall perspective of your weight and general health as well as giving an idea of what action is required to improve your condition.


BMI can be an accurate estimator of healthy weight and it is easy to calculate which probably accounts for its general popularity. Where it fails (as this article explains) is in distinguishing effectively between ‘lean tissue’ and muscle versus fat in the balance between weight and height.

As anyone who exercises will frequently tell you, muscle is heavier than fat. Muscle and lean tissue also have a calorific requirement, thus increasing your lean tissue helps burn body fat even when you’re not in the gym as it ‘speeds up’ your basal metabolic rate.  Knowing this information can be a useful tool in creating and maintaining motivation during the process of dieting and healthy living.

Very few people fit into the classification of ‘average’. Your best approach is to find out your personal body composition and tailor a diet and exercise program to fit specific goals. To assist with this we’re offering a free ‘progress check’ to anyone who books our enhanced screening package in January. We’ll give you a free follow up body composition review after three months to see how well you’re doing. You can think of it as a before and after photo, an internal version, our gift to keep you motivated. Book online today and we’ll help you keep that resolution.

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