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Be bold, not bald. Set the style!

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Be bold, not bald, set the style!

Don’t judge a book by its cover they say, image isn’t everything. In the same breath people might also tell you that it takes seven seconds for a person to evaluate you and a picture is worth a thousand words.

We hear a lot about hair loss, unsurprising really given that helping people to improve their appearance and have the impression of hair is our core business. Our views are coloured by what we know and who we meet and our understanding is that hair loss is a huge issue for a great number of people.

We live in image-conscious times, not just in media and advertising, everyone’s taking selfies and more photos were taken last year than in the entire history of analogue camera ownership. We see ourselves reflected against others and the comparison can be challenging.

If you’re uncomfortable with your hair loss it has an impact across huge parts of your life. This is largely due to the effect on your self-esteem.

The effects of baldness on self esteem

It can be hard to trust a study, particularly when they’re funded by hair transplant companies or pushers of other products. This said the result of many studies show that most men dealing with this physical change are feeling the same way as you.

One potentially reliable, independent study carried out by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in five European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK) reported that of the 729 men surveyed, 62% agreed that hair loss affected the way they felt about themselves and the way they thought others felt about them.

In a similar survey, this one for The Harley Street Hair Clinic, found one third (32.59 per cent) of men suffering hair loss admitted that it had affected their confidence.

Farewell to youth

Despite our ageing population society’s fascination with youth shows little sign of abating. The loss of our hair is often associated with entering into a new era of adulthood and old age. It’s hard to say goodbye to our youth and virility, hair is frequently seen as a signifier of this – your ability to wear the latest styles, conform to trends. When men lose their hair at a young age, they can feel that they look older than they actually are. As a result, an unconscious association develops between this physical change and the loss of vitality and desirability.

Am I attractive?

Hair loss and the resultant damage to your self-esteem makes you feel much less attractive. Consequently, confidence in yourself and your appearance is damaged. You may feel that hair loss doesn’t conform to your self-image; your hair was a form of self-expression, losing it can result in introverted behavior and even depression.

Am I employable?

The impact on self-confidence has other consequences including the belief in your chances of obtaining new employment. According to a study performed in 2005, many believe their hair loss affects the first impression they make on new employers, lowers their competitiveness for new jobs, and directly affects the confidence they have during job interviews.

Sadly, a similar study concluded that this is actually the case for some types of employment. In this study, 43% of employers stated they would not hire employees with hair loss for customer service positions and 26% would not want employees with male pattern baldness to represent their companies or attend important meetings. One hopes that these attitudes have altered in the subsequent decade but it reflects an ongoing stereotype about baldness generally.

Am I employable?

In the Harley Street survey mentioned earlier 38.33 per cent of men said they would prefer to stop drinking alcohol for a year than lose their hair while 36.2 per cent said they said they would give up supporting their football team. One in six (16.53 per cent) said they would opt to be celibate for a year if they could keep their hair.

Scalp MicroPigmentation offers a quick and effective solution to hair loss, giving the impression of density or a full head of hair that you’ve chosen to keep short.

It is less painful and costly than a hair transplant, more convenient than a hair system and far more reliable than any number of potions, creams or drugs.

Many of our clients claim that it has changed their lives, altered their perspective on the world and restored their self-esteem. The effects cannot be underestimated and it won’t only be noticed by you.

When researchers at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, photoshopped pictures of men, so that they appeared to have shaved heads, the men were judged to be “more dominant, taller, and stronger than their authentic selves.”

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