A cure to baldness?

A cure to baldness?

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A cure to baldness?

Barely a month goes by without some new ‘miracle’ cure for baldness emerging.

The reaction of media, newspapers in particular, to any clinical trial that shows a modicum of success is slightly rewarding in the respect that it acknowledges the fact that people are concerned by losing their hair. You can be assured that in this era of click-bait reporting, baldness cure stories are clearly great fodder for the media. They carry them because people are prone to reading them.

Everyone in the hair loss industry knows of the trials that many people go through when succumbing to alopecia. We know how long you all spend researching pills and potions, reading and participating in forums and we know what sacrifices are made in order to fund a variety of treatments.

It’s little wonder then that every new ‘solution’ seems like an assault on your emotions and an insult to your intelligence. We know that some of you hold out for that miracle cure and that these stories can provoke misplaced hope and drain your emotional resources. For every person that shakes their head and exclaims ‘not another one’ is another who will pray that this time they’ve got it right. After all they can put a man on the moon so why can’t they put hair on your head?

Numerous false dawns have come and gone with some imperfect treatments outlasting others, still the search goes on. In the last few weeks we’ve heard of the emergence of a completely new and revolutionary treatment. Called Ruxolitinib it has had great results with a very small sample group in a particular area of alopecia and maybe it’s the answer but it’s a long way off if so. It wasn’t even supposed to treat alopecia at all.

A lot of people look for these treatments before finding Scalp Micropigmentation

With around 6 million people looking for an answer every year it is quite obvious that apart from interest in the subject there may also be significant riches for the manufacturer of the right treatment. By the time people arrive at Scalp Micropigmentation they have often tried a great number of other things. Everyone wants to believe that – despite vast evidence to the contrary – there is something that will work.

Given the efficacy of Scalp Micropigmentation it is surprising that more people have not taken this path. Perhaps it needs more time to be established and known before it makes the leap into mainstream acceptability that traditional tattooing has already accomplished. That most of our clients (and no doubt those of other clinics) prefer to keep their treatment a closely guarded secret doesn’t help much on that score.

We know that this day will dawn. The ability of SMP to naturally disguise balding after just a few hours of treatment is revolutionary. That it can do so without any side-effects, resorting to prayers or having hefty ongoing expenditure is actually astounding. Perhaps it’s time to stop waiting for a miracle and investigate something already proven.