Defeat Diabetes now

Defeat Diabetes now

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Defeat Diabetes now

You cannot fail to have heard about the relentless spread of Diabetes in the UK. The inexorable rise of the condition has been rapid and far-reaching, leading to great panic among health professionals and putting a drastic strain on the NHS.

There are now 4.05 million people with Diabetes in the UK, an increase of 119,965 compared to the previous year, and an increase of 65 per cent over the past decade. There are also thought to be 549,000 people with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes in the UK. Sadly, it’s not confined to adults.

As BBC’s Panorama programme pointed out on Monday: 16 years ago there had never been a single case of a child being diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes in the UK. Now there are more than 500 cases of children who have been diagnosed with Type 2 in the UK – and the number is rising alarmingly fast.

With the NHS stretched to its limits and rationing care in many areas, it may appear that this problem cannot be solved. Fortunately, many health practitioners and nutrition experts are combining forces to combat the condition. As part of this initiative we are introducing a brand new service, a health and diet plan specifically designed to combat diabetes and similar conditions.

There is hope!

Although it can lead to kidney failure, blindness and heart disorders, Type 2 Diabetes does not have to be a progressive chronic disease. By implementing effective diet & lifestyle changes, individuals can involve themselves with their own health, reducing the risks of complications and even the need for medication

Our ‘Back In Balance’ programme is carefully structured to help. It includes:

  • A practical nutrition & lifestyle programme designed to educate & support you towards improved well-being.
  • Nutritional approach that is low in blood sugar raising carbohydrates, particularly refined carbohydrates and higher in beneficial natural fats. A return to real food
  • A lifestyle approach that addresses stress management and a return to inner balance in a busy world.
  • A supporting and monitored programme that offers you real life practical advice and resources as you adjust your lifestyle to improved health.

Take control of your condition and get Back In Balance. E-mail us: to register your interest or call us on 0121 296 9280 to find out more.