Hair to the throne

Hair to the throne

Hair to the throne 1586 1920 Brandwood Clinic

Hair to the Throne

Prince William made the news recently. He had a haircut.

Though it’s been obvious that William has been losing his hair for a while, the ‘buzz cut’ he has now adopted makes it abundantly clear to everyone. He has made the choice that most of our clients eventually have to face. Once you can no longer comfortably disguise the thinning locks, short is the only answer.

As a high-profile public figure his choices were more limited than most. Any treatment he undertook to compensate may be perceived as a misuse of public funds. The furore created by the price of his cut was sufficient to indicate this.

Why the heir to the throne should be different from anyone else attempting to make the best of their looks is a matter for debate elsewhere. Of slightly more interest to us is the lack of bald role models visible in society.

Were we to ask you to name a few famous bald people you may struggle to splutter the obvious: Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart. The fact that you can name them shows how few there are.

We are so fixated with matters aesthetic that baldness is seen as weakness, an indication that you’ve given up. Bald newsreaders, bald politicians, bald business leaders? Few and far between.

Bald role models?

Up to 80% of men will experience hair loss in their lives, the way that they deal with it is specific to the individual. The scale of it is enormous but you may struggle to find evidence on your TV screen, other than character actors and the occasional ‘talking head’.

With all the options available, the choice to look as good as you can is no longer just vanity. No-one wants to lose their hair, no-one wants to look older, no-one wants to be bald. There are some that learn to live with it, most of us want something better.

When done well, by experienced and talented practitioners, Scalp Micropigmentation is better than bald. Your shaven appearance can be a decision, an option, not something dictated by genes and the passage of time. Shaven is a strong choice, Scalp Micropigmentation is a sensible one.

At 35, William is a young man. In an attempt to help him look his age we have generated the appearance of Scalp Micropigmentation using photo-editing tools and work carried out on one of our previous clients. The manipulation will never be perfect but it shows what a difference SMP can make. You have a choice. We can now create the authentic appearance of hair in under three weeks. Looking younger, healthier, more attractive – it is all within your grasp and Scalp Micropigmentation is the most effective solution.

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