How we can cure your fear of baldness

How we can cure your fear of baldness

How we can cure your fear of baldness 800 572 Brandwood Clinic

How we can cure your fear of baldness

Brandwood’s senior practitioners Paul Clark and Simon Lane have led the industry with pioneering techniques and continue to innovate, constantly seeking new ways to deliver the best possible service.

Innovators of realism

It is unquestionable, SMP makes you look less bald. The reproduction of hair follicles at their shortest length creates the ‘buzz cut’ look and gives you the appearance that your hairstyle was your choice rather than a hereditary misfortune.

Paul and Simon are the innovators of realism, the appearance they create for you will be indistinguishable from your natural hair. Their expertise and experience enables them to blend into your existing hairline without trace. It is almost unbelievable.

Exclusive techniques

Paul & Simon recently invented the feathered hairline, a technique that can only be delivered by the most experienced clinicians. It requires the highest level of accuracy using careful variances in pigment density and placement. It is, without question, the most realistic hairline available and it is exclusive to Brandwood Clinic.

Simon Lane